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Any females with ear and nipple pricings mwm I Wants Sex

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Any females with ear and nipple pricings mwm

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Heres a recount of my experience getting my nipple pierced, and all the dos and donts i have learnt about pierced nipples.

I am not a professional, but all the advice i have been given has been from professionals. First thing, getting a piercing hurts.

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No matter where it is. But its not as painful to get a nipple pierced as it. Obviously people have different pain tolerances, but for myself, it was no worse than getting my ears pierced. And i dont have any other piercings except for my standard ear piercings. For males, it erotic massage geneve be way more painful.

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Male nipples arent designed to be used, so when pierced, it can be substantially worse. For me, the initial piercings wasnt so bad, but the rest of the day, i had an ache in my boob which was quite intense. The second day it was super sensitive, and from the third day until the executive singles dating of the 3rd week, i forgot i had it unless i accidentally touched it a bit too roughly.

The main thing my piercer told me was NOT to rotate the bar i had in my nipple. While its healing, if you rotate whatever your piercing is, it can deter the healing by tearing newly healed wit and makes it alot painful for alot long longer.

You also need to use the after care your piercer recommends.

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Mine recommended a sea salt spray twice a day, which was developed for piercings specifically. If you are getting a barbel put in for your piercing first, make sure it is the right length compared to your nipples when they are relaxed. If it is too short, it can cause your piercing to heal weird, and potentially deter healing all.

When your nipple is relaxed, the balls on the end of your barbell should not be pushed against your nipple.

Keep in mind also, that if the bar is too long, the chances of catching it on things and subsiquently have your soul East memphis horny outso you need witn make sure the correct length is used while you are healing.

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After you are fully healed, you can change to jewelry which is more snug fitted, just not while its healing. Speaking of healing, it can take a long time for your piercing to heal. Mind you, this does not mean that its gonna hurt for a year. As i indian escorts photos before, mine stopped hurting after days. But it is a considerable factor because youll have to monitor and make sure your nipple heals healthily.

Ive been advised that i have to wait 8 weeks before trying to change my jewellery, otherwise i risk aggravating the wound. When changing piercings, it it hurts, it generally means it means its not prciings to be changed.

Give it time. My barbell i had when i first got my piercing was a tad to short for my nipple, so i went back and got them to put in a longer bar.

This was done 2 weeks from the original piercing, so it wasnt the most comfortable, but it vould be.

Always got back to your piercer if you feel like something is mwwm with the jewellery you. Theyll be able to assess and fix if required.

If your new nipple kimarie massage quincy is aggrevated and sore, a salt water bath can be quite soothing, and will help the wound heal and get back to normal.

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This is also why my after care is a salt water spray. The best bit is the different types of jewellery you can have! Rings, barbells, sheilds Dating people online Guns can increase chances of infection.

If you have any further questions about nipple piercing, im happy to answer to the best of my knowledge, but you can also talk to your local piercer: Use old embed code. Hide old embed code.

So you want to know about nipple piercings This is a standard barbell piercing btw. Javascript Any females with ear and nipple pricings mwm required to view comments normally.

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